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I Care About...


Prioritizing our Roads

We live in an area of the country that is experiencing a significant
influx of people. Conservation will help, but we simply cannot do
what we have been doing with Franklin’s roads. Road speed and
traffic volume is outstripping our capacity. We must think creatively and implement traffic-calming methods to keep our roadways safe.
We must also pressure PENNDOT to fix the issues on Route 896,
Chesterville Road, and Appleton Road.


Preserving and Conserving Our History and Rural Character!

The most important factor that maintains our quality of life is our rural, open space. Whether it is protected farmland, or our parks, trails and preserves, this all serves to stabilize and maintain the cost of running our township. It also reduces the congestion on our streets and stops over development.

Red FLL garden.jpg

Maintaining Our Parks and Recreation areas!

Our parks and trails improve our quality of life, and they attract visitors that support our businesses. It is important to have walkable trails as well as safe and well-maintained facilities at our parks and recreational areas. I believe our natural resources are for all our residents to enjoy!


Treasuring Our Local Businesses!

I have helped with the startup of two of the local wineries and have absolutely loved meeting all my neighbors and encouraging local businesses. We have the opportunity to grow our cottage and unique businesses into a showcase of local treasures. Now, being retired, I feel I have a chance to give back to the community and help guide us into creating a charming and prosperous place to call home.

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