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It's My Turn To Give Back

My name is Dawn K Dowling and I have lived in Franklin Township for 16 years. I have had a lifelongcareer of working in Museums and finished with 26 years at the Brandywine River Museum andConservancy. With a Studio Degree in Art and minor in Art History I have always been happy living inChester County with its wonderful legacy of famous artists and rich history. My love of nature comesnaturally since my father was one of the first Directors of the Nature Conservancy and I spent my youthtraveling with him to set up wildlife preserves. We met extraordinary scientists and many wellrenowned people. I started riding horses at a very young age and contnued my life with teaching andcoaching United States Pony Club, Managing the stabling for 17 years at an annual “A” rated Hunter-Jumper show and owning my own horses until very recently.I live on one of the rural roads in our Township and my neighbors walk, jog, ride bikes and walk theirdogs here every day. I understand our desire to preserve our beautiful countryside and promote trailsfor everyone’s enjoyment. My yard is a Certified Wildlife & Bird Habitat so I personally want to do all Ican to help preserve our beautiful area, save open space and hopefully encourage agriculture andrelated endeavors. I am currently an Antique Dealer with a booth in Strasburg but would love tosomehow be closer. I also have helped with the startup of two of the local wineries and have absolutelyloved meeting all my neighbors and encouraging local businesses. I now feel I have a chance to giveback to the community and help guide us into creating a charming and prosperous place to call home.

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